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3 ways to create a law practice you love

By February 28, 2018May 22nd, 2023No Comments3 min read

It’s almost the end of February and by this time, most people have given up on taking action that are in alignment with new year goals and resolutions. What about you? Are you taking action to change the way you practice law to be more focused, purposeful, and profitable? What are you doing to make change last?

People start new habits and quit almost immediately. Starting a new morning practice, joining a gym, reading a new book, starting new diet —new goals without new habits means failure. It’s like having a car without engine.

If you want today to be different than yesterday, you have to make change high on the list of priorities.

Here are a few tips to keep you growing:

  1. Write down your outcome and why you want to do it. Remind yourself of your values and your purpose. You need to connect with something deep inside that demands that you do this. Try writing down how will feel if you have this outcome in your life. Will you be more, “Alive, proud, or true to who you really are?”
  2. Make a commitment to take daily action. Do it every single day. Schedule your new habit into the day. Choose one action to take that moves you forward and will keep the momentum going.When your mind anticipates something and you actually do it – the brain releases dopamine which makes you feel satisfied. You become a person of your word to yourself. You feel more confident.
  3. At the end of each day, measure how you did. It’s not about judgment—it’s about creating focus.  Create a self-rating system to keep you honest and on course for what you are creating. If you don’t have self-accountability then you can let a couple days go by and then couple weeks… and then the desire of what you wanted is forgotten. At the end of the day, ask yourself the following questions: “How well did I do? Did I feel on purpose with my day? How can I do better tomorrow?”


Change takes intentional thought and action. If you want your law practice to be different, be specific about your desired outcomes. Create a way to practice law that fulfills you and motivates you. You just have to decide, and then follow through with thoughts, energy and action in alignment with all that you dream to create.


Want to increase your focus and intent for what you are creating? Take 10 minutes and listen here to propel yourself forward.

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