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Mindfulness – What’s All The Hype About?

By March 8, 2018May 22nd, 2023No Comments1 min read

Mindfulness – you’ve heard the term being thrown around. Everyone seems to be promoting some type of mindfulness practice. From Google and their mindful lunches for employees to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon leading a mindfulness pause to an audience of 6 million viewers – the world seems to have been taken by a mindful wave.

What’s all the hype?

Why should you care?

Can it really help your legal career, or even as a parent?

Over the last decade, science is proving that this ancient practice has profound effects on our immune system, can make us happier and even smarter.

Today, I share some of the most interesting finds and reasons why you might want to stop and give a mindful pause.

Want to give mindfulness a try, download this free guided mindful pause to practice anytime.

Click Here For A Free Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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