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As lawyers, we argue and fight for a living.

Stress and anxiety are a given. Burnout? Just part of being a lawyer. 

Each and every day, we are immersed in competition and conflict. We have clients and colleagues who depend on us to be top-notch. We work long hours, living under constant demand. Pressure is always high, and there is no room for mistakes. 

This can lead lawyers to have issues with their physical, emotional, and mental well-being and long-term health. 

But, what if this weren’t the case?

Just as we strive to be the best in other areas of our lives, what if we could focus on taking the best possible care of our minds? What if we see greater success as a result? What if we become better leaders who lead more successful teams?

I believe it’s possible – it’s why I do this work. By using scientifically proven techniques, I help to train minds in releasing stress, anxiety, and fear. I help lawyers learn how to become power performers, lead winning teams, and how to fully align themselves, and fall in love with what they do. 

It’s time to stop the burnout cycle.

Schedule a Discovery Call today to work with me directly.  

meditation coach for lawyers lexlee overton

Winning Teams

Master the art of building and leading a powerful team that is truly committed to and invested in your practice. Lexlee will assess your current team in order to design your power pathway to success customized for you and your winning team.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Step fully into your life to create the law practice you truly want. With attentive, focused guidance, Lexlee will help find your inner peace, connect to your purpose, and amplify your abundance. Move at your own pace to create habits that last. 

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Custom Workshops

Workshops range from immersive team mountain retreats to intensive, team-building workshops right in the heart of  New Orleans. Lexlee curates a customized experience that enlightens, inspires, and elevates your team.

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The Hire Process

Using the Predictive Index talent optimization systems, work with Lexlee to create your unique, comprehensive, and reliable hiring process that includes an informative, compelling landing page, online application, and applicant assessment.

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What My Clients Say

"When I was introduced to Lexlee, I was managing, but I wasn't living. The daily mindset practice is so powerful, it is almost magical. I am creating my reality and the things I desire - meaningful cases, financial abundance, fulfillment in my work. My advice is if you feel overwhelmed and burned out being a lawyer, then don't waste another second! Start learning what Lexlee has to offer!”

Jacqueline FordOklahoma Trial Lawyer

The practice of law can be draining, with long hours and endless deadlines. I found myself with underlying anxiety and a constant “thinking” mind. Working with Lexlee has helped me regain energy and focus. Her methods have changed the way I feel in my practice and in life.

Christopher SubaLouisiana Trial Lawyer

My life has always get chaotic and deep down I felt I wasn't worth not having chaos. Lexlee has helped me learn to let go of the story of the past so I can accept the gifts of today and escape the pattern chaos and self -doubt to move towards peace, love and self -fulfillment. Her guidance has impacted my personal and professional relationships in positive and life changing ways that I cannot even begin to describe."

Rachel BussettOklahoma Trial Lawyer

I've been there. BIG TIME.

On the outside I had it all—a heavy trial practice with winning verdicts. But a few years into a successful practice, I found myself in an ER with chest pains that I feared were a heart attack. Thankfully, it turned out that it wasn’t my heart, but no matter the source of the pain – my body was telling me something.

I had not been living – I had been surviving. BARELY surviving, to be more accurate.

While I had been seeing success and fulfillment in my work’s outcomes, it stopped there. My personal life was a mess. I was divorced, a workaholic, seeking anxiety medicine just to cope with running a law office, and also trying to juggle all the responsibilities of being a single mom.

It was the wakeup call I needed to put me on a better path: A path for answers. A path for fulfillment. A path to a better life.

One of the simplest, yet most impactful, steps I took on that path was to begin a meditation practice.

The results? To put it simply: Everything changed.

Coach for lawyers lexlee overton

My stress levels began decreasing.I began to feel like I was the calm during any storm. I saw my life differently with the knowledge that my power and strength came from my mind and wasn’t dependent upon outside sources or stimuli.

And with those changes to my worldview came changes to my practice of law. It was more fulfilling. I was more present. I made a bigger impact – with both my clients and my staff.

As a result, my personal and financial happiness grew as well.

Seeing the power that I had harnessed from within myself from a meditation practice lit a fire in me to learn more.

I began to study human behavior learning practices from behavioral psychology to energy psychology, to latest research in neuroscience. My search expanded to learning the ancient wisdom of Energy Medicine  from masters around the globe. I searched for ways to tap into the power of my mind for top productivity, deeper intuition, and inner wisdom and to harness its creative power.

Through this search, I’ve learned an important lesson that I now work to help other overwhelmed and stressed out lawyers:

The key to success is within my mind and there are simple, yet POWERFUL, methods to harness it that each and every one of us can employ.

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