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3 Steps to Having More Impact as Lawyers

By March 15, 2018May 22nd, 2023No Comments1 min read

We all want to be impactful. We would like conversation with our clients, or opposing counsel, or the Judge to have impact – to be understood and to understand. Yet, I often find lawyers frustrated about how clients don’t listen or how disappointed with the client’s unrealistic expectations. Even worse, is walking out of a courtroom and not understanding how a Judge or jury didn’t connect with you and your client.

The lack of impact is a symptom of our busy world. We have forgotten the keys to how to be really present and impact others. As lawyers, this loss of presence is hurting our relationships with our clients and negatively affecting the outcomes we hope to reach in cases.

Today, I share with you, 3 simple ways to have greater impact in and out of the courtroom. These simple tips can make the difference in how all of your relationships — from clients to your spouse and children –flow.

Click here to download a simple guided exercise to help you have more presence and influence with others.

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