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The Most Important Question To Ask Before Beginning Your Day

By January 16, 2017No Comments2 min read

What IF?today, you asked yourself different questions?

Instead of “what do I have to do today? what needs to be done? what must be done?”—you know what I mean—that boring “to do” list.

What IF? when you are deciding what you want to “be”, “do”, or “have” today…you remembered how you were really meant to live?

What IF?you remembered that:

Your Purpose is to Live in JOY.

That’s it…just find what makes you deliriously happy…what makes you feel really alive?  Jittery with excitement? What makes you so tingly with anticipation that you can’t sit still thinking about diving in? What would you do today if your sole Purpose Is JOY?

What IF?it’s really true that “Following Your Bliss” is the best action plan and the most powerful way to create your “to do” list?

JOYso powerful, so vibrant…and who you truly are meant to be. In a state of JOY, you become a magnet for manifesting. JOY opens the flow of energy that gives you the POWER to create your desires.

So go ahead, give yourself permission and answer these questions:

What can you do today that will make you throw your head back and laugh in JOY? Who would you be with? Where would you be? What does JOY look like?

NOWGO DO IT….it’s okay…the universe is giving you a big “high five” to do at least one joyous thing. (you can still do those other “to dos” on that old list) In fact, living in a few moments of JOY will give you the POWER to help you easily check off all of that list……step into that Power…and watch what happens.

Power up, (in all that JOY)


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