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The Secret to Finding Your Happy Place

By January 23, 2017No Comments3 min read

We all want happiness. Sometimes, there just seems to be roadblock after roadblock. How do we get so side-tracked? Truth is we create the blocks. We hold onto the parts of our experience we should just LET GO if we want to be happy. Holding so tight, just makes it hard to see the path.

LET GO…it’s time. Take a deep breath! Ready?…Set…GO!

1. LET GO…of the Question “Why?”-it’s such a suffering word. Just say it and feel how it immediately deflates you. “Why?” (why did this happen? why didn’t this happen?). It is an energy drain because it takes away your power. “Why?” denotes that “Life is happening TO you” and that you are just a victim floating along with no power to control.

Let It Go, re-frame the question and feel your power grow:

“What did I learn? What did I gain? How did I grow?”.

Feel the difference?—Life is happening FOR you. Reach out and hold onto the Growth.

2. LET GO…of “The Outside View”-you know what I mean-choosing how you live based upon how others view you. Seeking approval. Doing what is expected. The view from the outside is another huge energy dump.

 “What will _____(mom, dad, spouse, boss,…) think?

You gotta keep the focus looking within…only you know the source of your happiness.

“What makes you happy?” (go do that!)

3. LET GO of Judgment-of yourself and of others.

Judgment is toxic, negative energy

Does no good-it’s that simple. Judging yourself and others sucks your energy away and holds you back from everything good. Let it go, refuse to participate.  Refuse to engage.

As far everyone else, Let them be. You can’t walk their path so don’t waste energy on judging others. If you think of others, send them positive energy—choose forgiveness, hope, love and peace.

What you give in  your actions and your thoughts will come back to you.

So, give GOOD energy.

For yourself, keep it simple.  Remember your truth. You are beautiful, glorious and powerful, just as you are.

4. LET GO of the “Constant Running”. To always be running is exhausting. We run with our minds by always being engaged. Constantly “doing”. LET IT GO! Unplug. Stop moving. Be in the energy of quiet. There can be happiness of just breathing.

Breathe in..breathe out.

Breathe in…(feel the magic) Breathe out (there’s a happy place).

5. LET GO of FEAR. Unless you are running from an angry protective Mother Bear (or some similar big wild animal), Fear does not serve you. So, Let It Go. Just an illusion holding you back and weighing you down. When you feel fear rise up, call it out…don’t let it stay and take up residence. Instead, focus on feeling peace and finding the courage.

Breathe in..breathe out.

Breathe in…(feel the peace)…Breathe out (release the fear).

Breathe in ..(find the courage)…breathe out (feel the peace).



 Let Go -Be Happy,


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