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What Will You Do To Make 2017 The Best Year Ever?

By December 15, 2016No Comments4 min read

For 2017, I am committed to doing little things on a daily basis that only take minutes to dramatically change the way I feel, improve my ability to focus, and hack my energy to soar all day long.

You probably think I’m going to list some big challenge to changes in daily routine that no one has time to do.

But I’m not. Research is showing we can make simple shifts in our mindset and small changes to daily habits that will help us to drastically just “do” everything better.

And my #1 Tool for feeling great and being top of my game is simple. I call it “The Law of Happy”. Yep, you read correctly, if you want to be more productive and successful then you must follow  “the Law of Happy” which states:  “Do whatever it takes to be happy in the present moment”.

Research shows that our brains are designed to work most efficiently when it is in a positive and engaged state. If you are in a negative state —judgmental, critical, sad, anxious etc….then your resources and energy are being drained and diverted to manage the negative emotions.

When the brain is positive  then it is not diverting resources between thinking about the negative of what’s going on in the moment in addition the work you are trying to do.

Happiness becomes the fuel or energy that allows you to get more done. Cutting edge research is showing that energy levels raise by 31%, sales by 37%, and likelihood of promotion by 40% when we are in a positive or happy state. We are likely to live longer while improving our intelligence, creativity and memory when we are HAPPY! Being in a positive state causes our brain to release dopamine which in turns helps us to problem solve easier and work better.

So finding happiness in the present moment gives us a huge advantage as we are trying to achieve success. (For more info, check out the work by Shawn Achor, researcher in the science of happiness).

So, how do you follow the “Law of Happy”? You find ways to shift your energy states from negative to positive.

My #1 Happiness tip for 2017 (and the way I use to start and end each day) is the simple habit of gratitude.

This practice takes a less than 3 minutes and can drastically shift your energy and bring to a “happy” place.

It is so simple yet, so powerful. I challenge you to try it and see how your state shifts.

Before you begin your day, take 3 minutes and think of three things you are grateful for that have happened in the last 24 hours. It can be as simple as remembering the appreciation for a good cup of coffee or a conversation with a friend. And when you remember each item, use your 5 senses to recall the moment and bring to life as you think about it: what were you wearing, where were you physically, what were you thinking about, what did you say? And as you are thinking about each of the 3 things you are grateful for, pay attention to how you feel….happy, grateful, peaceful, supported. When you visualize, your brain doesn’t know the difference between the visualization and the actual experience. So, remembering the event in detail has the power of shifting your state as if the moment is happening all over again. This is the fastest way of shifting your energy and state to a positive one.

That’s it, one minute for 3 things in last 24 hours. And to help you cap off the day and recharge your energy before sleeping, just repeat the exercise. Recall, remember and reset your energy to positive in 3 minutes.

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