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11 ways to raise your vibration

By January 22, 2016February 20th, 2023No Comments6 min read

It’s happening.

This is the time. You may already know it. You are a vibrational being and you can feel that things are shifting. Our Earth is at a time of accelerated awakening – and now, this transformative energy is increasing.

Lately, you may have noticed the effects of this energetic push, even if you were unaware of the actual cause. Maybe you’ve been going through mood swings, emotional instability, increased sensitivity, challenges or endings within relationships, security changes in jobs and careers, and/or unpredictable environmental changes.

This wave of accelerated energy has been called the Ascension Energy Wave of Love, or Wave X. It started in late August and will increase significantly around September 28th. During this period, energy will be heightened as the Earth physically and metaphysically aligns with a huge series of transformational energy waves. We will be immersed within the energy of significant planetary events, including a blood moon eclipse and a solar eclipse. Earth’s energy will continue to shift strongly through the rest of 2015.

It has been predicted by Dr. Simon Atkins that the frequency of the planet will rise about 2-3 Hz and bring forth a huge month of energetic shifts in awareness, consciousness, and intuitive energies. Intuitive, Stacy Hilton explains, “Embracing the energy will help us all to change our frequency and tune into higher levels of consciousness.”

Some people are aware of the power of this energy and are feeling its positive effects. If we use the energy properly, this can be a time of great power for us. We truly have the power to change our planet, leave behind ego consciousness of materialism and separateness, and embrace our soul consciousness of oneness. We can ascend from a place of fear to a place of love.

This shift is happening for all of us in one way or another. How can you embrace it in order to bring yourself to new levels? The strongest support you can provide to your physical, emotional, and spiritual being is to keep your vibration or energy levels high. When you vibrate with high energy, you allow yourself to soar to new levels to heal yourself and co-create with energy to create personal and global transformation.

Here are 11 surefire ways to raise your vibration:

  1. Stop, drop, and be. We can learn the most about our energy levels when we are at rest. Silence is the key to checking in to where you’re at and assessing what needs to be changed to get where you want to go. Meditation is the best way to stop, drop, and be with yourself.
  2. Don’t let the “F” word hold you back. Yes, I said the “F” word: fear! Don’t let fear stand in your way. Fear is the lowest vibration you can give your power to, and it will literally suck the energy out of you. Fear is just an illusion; it isn’t who you really are.
  3. Feel” up. Emotions are energy in motion. We’ve been taught to hide what we really feel, but when you don’t allow yourself to feel, you just trap the energy of unfelt emotions in your energetic body. Be aware of where you are creating blocks for yourself. Feel it all, and open yourself up.
  4. Forget your story. We all have stories and familiar roles we allow ourselves to fall into. We choose to become captive victims of our own stories. Forget your story! Step out of letting that role define you. Don’t worry about who others expect you to be. Just embrace the energy of the real you, and know that authenticity is the key to a high vibration.
  5. Tend to your garden. Our inner garden of thoughts creates our outer abundance. Negative thinking about ourselves and others pollutes our energetic body. Practice mindful awareness and positive thinking. Release the low energies of grudges, judgments, and limiting beliefs. Choose energetic thoughts, spoken, and written words that create a loving, high vibration.
  6. Bring it to the ground. Embrace the ground – literally. Be close with Mother Earth and open yourself to be lifted higher. Whether this is gardening, yard work, or meditating outside, this is a practical way to embrace a vibration essential to our human core.
  7. Back to breath. Breathe in the air. We can’t live without air. Take it in and feel yourself rise.
  8. Clean up your act. Unhealthy food, drugs, and/or alcohol act as depressants to your physical and energetic bodies. To raise your energy, clean up your act! Eat a wide variety of seasonal, chemical-free foods, and drink pure water.
  9. Give-For-You. See what I did there? Forgiveness is actually a gift for you. Harboring resentment, anger, judgment, or any other negative emotion creates a wall that keeps out higher vibrations. By far, the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive one’s self or another person; this disables your access to higher energies and resources. Forgiveness is a gift that opens your heart to allow you to heal.
  10. Sing it out. Music is a quick and guaranteed way to raise your vibration. You can listen to the natural music of nature, like the singing of the trees, or dance it out to your favorite song. An instant energetic lift can be felt when we listen and move with joy to music we love.
  11. Live through the power of your heart. Your heart is the center of love, which is the most powerful and highest vibration you can experience. When you live from the heart and strive to see all with the power of love, you begin your true awakening.

Take time to breathe and to be still with yourself. You can embrace the flow of energy streaming on to the planet and be divinely inspired and guided. Follow your intuition and open your heart to this transformational time. The time is now! Embrace it and soar.

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