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The Power Four: Happy Lawyers are Powerful Lawyers

By August 2, 2021February 1st, 2024No Comments6 min read

Happy Lawyers ARE Powerful Lawyers.


Let’s face it, being a lawyer is hard. Every day, we are faced with ways to fail. Each case is a battle for survival, both for our clients and ourselves.

Daily, I talk to overwhelmed lawyers, who are scrambling to put out the hottest fires and wondering what will happen next. Some are struggling to keep up with all of the professional roles they play, like advocate, human resources guide, rainmaker, accountant, in addition to the roles they might play in their personal lives, such as spouse, parent, caregiver, provider, chef, homework helper, advice-giver… the list goes on. 

I understand. I’ve been a lawyer for almost 30 years and from trying to survive in the courtroom to managing my personal life, as a mother, wife, daughter (you get the picture), it took a life threatening illness to figure out a different way of doing law. 

You see, the practice of law is filled with uncertainty. With uncertainty comes overwhelm and fear, especially when others are depending upon you to win.

So often the practice of law (aka the practice of uncertainty) is done in survival mode, always waiting for the next blow to land while juggling a million balls in the air to keep it all going. 

It IS possible to do law (and life) differently. This is not only possible, but imperative to your ultimate success.

Yes, I said it… it’s time to do law differently. To move from surviving to thriving. To move from unhappy and overwhelmed to happy and powerful. 

Years ago, I refused to merely survive. I chose to  thrive. I’ve spent the last 20 years figuring out how to empower myself and others to not only be happy as lawyers but also powerful, whether in or out of the courtroom. 

That’s the secret… a happy lawyer is a powerful lawyer. Happiness only comes from empowering yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you know how to tap into that kind of happiness, you become powerful at everything you do. 

It’s why I created the Mind Over Law Method to help you Become the Happiest Lawyer You Know.

Here’s how it works: You’re invited to sign up for the Power Four Foundation program.

Weekly, via emails, webinars, and more, we’ll focus on the Personal Power Four Foundation and the Four Pillars for Winning Teams. 

It starts with the Personal Power Four Foundation.

It starts with you: mindset, mastery, winning teams, empowering practices


Who are you? Do you even know anymore? Why are you a lawyer? Is there a “why” that sets your heart on fire and drives you each day to do what you do? If not, the success you seek will always be just out of reach. You need a reason for being… and you have to know what it is and feel it deeply. 


Mastery covers all your facets: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

    • Mental – It begins with the mind. What you think and believe creates everything you do, have, and will ever be.
    • Emotional – Your mind drives your emotions. Your emotions create what you feel about yourself, your life, and your reality. Thus, your emotions are your reality.
    • Physical –  Your body is affected by your thoughts and your emotions. Everything you feel is held in the body. Are your thoughts and emotions empowering or disempowering?
    • Spiritual – How you lead and connect to everyone and all that you do — this is the spiritual level. What legacy are you creating? Is it about empowerment and purpose or merely just survival?

From here, it extends to:

The Four Pillars for Winning Teams.

Winning Teams begin and end with your leadership. Is your team stuck? Not productive enough? Missing targets? Then you need to tap into the Power Four for winning teams. 

    1. You have to know how to design a powerful team, 
    2. hire the right people with the right skills (or the ability to learn), 
    3. continuously inspire your team members, and 
    4. constantly assess ways to improve. 

Weekly, we’ll examine both the Personal Power Four Foundation and the Four Pillars of Winning Teams via mindset practices, the Mastery Monday show, the Winning Teams show, and empowering practices.

  • Mindset practices, because it all begins with what you think and believe. Each week, I share mindset practices that empower you to be the lawyer and leader you were born to be in your law practice and life. 
  • Mastery experts. What does it take to create what you want in your law practice and life? In my Mastery Mondays show, I talk with experts to help you in every area of your practice, from creating a case flow pipeline, to mastering a niche marketing plan, to telling the winning story for your clients in trial….we cover it all in my Mastery Mondays show.  
  • Winning teams. In my Winning Teams show, I share how to use talent optimization to design, hire and inspire winning teams. My superpower is understanding what motivates people to greatness… from you to your team. In my Winning Teams show, I’m sharing all I know. 
  • Empowering practices. You’ll learn empowering practices to strengthen and ignite your mind, emotions, body and spirit for happiness and to be more powerful in all you do. You won’t find practices like these anywhere else –because they’ve been created by me (a lawyer) specifically for you, lawyers and their teams. 


Want in on the Power Four insights? Click here to join The Power Four TODAY. 

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