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The Secret to Finding the Answer to Any Question

By January 30, 2017February 20th, 2023No Comments1 min read

If I just knew what to do?

It’s a question we ask and then seems to be on constant REPEAT cycle in our lives:

What Should I do? What Should I Say? What Is My Next Step? Should I? Shouldn’t I? Help?

I get it. It feels like a scary place and we often search for someone to just tells us the answer. When a client ask me, “What Should I do?” —my answer is always the same:

“You already know the answer, you just have to find the courage to listen.”

It’s true. We really do have the answers. We just need to Remember how to receive:

  1. Remember to Let Go Of Fear. It only blocks and distorts the answer. Take a breath, let it go.
  2. Remember to Be Grateful. Gratitude immediately shifts our energy to a vibration of receiving.
  3. Remember to Surrender & Trust— Unplug from it all—emails, to-do lists, phones, kids, spouse, boss. Be in a place to LISTEN.

So, here’s the simple formula again:

 Stop—Shift To Gratitude—Ask—Listen—Trust—Receive

Be Empowered to Remember,


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