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The Secret to Finding the Answer to Any Question

By January 30, 2017February 20th, 20232 Comments1 min read

If I just knew what to do?

It’s a question we ask and then seems to be on constant REPEAT cycle in our lives:

What Should I do? What Should I Say? What Is My Next Step? Should I? Shouldn’t I? Help?

I get it. It feels like a scary place and we often search for someone to just tells us the answer. When a client ask me, “What Should I do?” —my answer is always the same:

“You already know the answer, you just have to find the courage to listen.”

It’s true. We really do have the answers. We just need to Remember how to receive:

  1. Remember to Let Go Of Fear. It only blocks and distorts the answer. Take a breath, let it go.
  2. Remember to Be Grateful. Gratitude immediately shifts our energy to a vibration of receiving.
  3. Remember to Surrender & Trust— Unplug from it all—emails, to-do lists, phones, kids, spouse, boss. Be in a place to LISTEN.

So, here’s the simple formula again:

 Stop—Shift To Gratitude—Ask—Listen—Trust—Receive

Be Empowered to Remember,



  • Larry Distefano says:

    Love this!!!

  • Velma says:

    Very nice meditation Lexlee. Thank you. I love the visual of the heart light encircling me, going out and around me, encircling the planet. My question for today is ‘What’s blocking my daily joy?’ “What needs to happen to unblock me from experiencing daily joy?”

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