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Miserable Monday or Magical Monday? It’s Your Choice

By May 8, 20176 Comments1 min read

Miserable Monday or MAGICAL Monday? It’s Your Choice…

Do you dread “Miserable Monday?”

You know what I mean…

Sunday afternoon rolls around and we already begin to dread Monday.

But what if Monday was Magical?

What if it was full of Miraculous energy?

The energy of your day doesn’t just happen by random.

In today’s video, I share the Empowering Practice to start every day in the energy of creating exactly what you want….almost magically.

Hope this video serves you well.

Own the power of creating daily magic,



  • Juliet Fundora says:

    I just realized I’ve been setting myself up for a “Manic” Monday! Manic is the label I’ve put on Mondays for years due to how chaotic it can be in my work environment. BUT, I will not be doing that anymore! Magical Monday it is! Awesome!!!

    Choice and intention is set!

    Thank you for the reminder!!

    • lexlee says:

      Yes Juliet..I know how “manic” Monday can be…and in your field, even more so. But we can change the current of that energy…you got this! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Lexlee

  • Debbie Duos says:

    I choose to be empower by my thought and by my actions!
    Thanks Lexlee, your voice and presence create hopefulness in my world✌

  • Desha says:

    I love this! And needed the reminder too! Keep ’em coming, Lexlee!

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