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3 Mantras To Shift The Energy of a Rough Day

By February 23, 2016May 19th, 2023No Comments3 min read

So you’ve had a rough day. You know the kind I mean – a day that starts with you opening your eyes in the morning to a crushing feeling of anxiety, wondering whether you can handle everything that’s laid out in front of you. This is a day that starts with challenges and obstacles. This is one of those mornings when you just want to go right back to bed and hide from the world.

While you are hiding out under the covers, try to remember that you have the power to shift the energy of the day. Your words are energy and can be magical in transforming your day – and even your week – if you just stop to tune in. Repeating a mantra, whether silently or out loud, can change your perspective and be invaluable during hard times. For those horrible days that seem like they will never end, try these 3 energy-shifting mantras:

Just Breathe. I Know the Answer Lies Within.

When you feel like you have nowhere to turn and you’re not sure where to find the answers you need, just breathe. Deeply. Then do it again! In the quietness of breath, we can find the calm, we can become open to the answers we seek, we can hear. You must slow down the chaotic thinking and swing of emotions to truly listen, to sense, to feel what your next step should be. Just breathe and know that the answer lies within you and will come to you.


I Am Supported and Guided in All That I Do.


You really are. Sometimes you miss the signs of support and guidance because you are caught up in anxiety and frustration, but no matter what happens or how hard it may seem, the Universe does guide and support you in all that you do. Take a moment and allow for this truth to embrace you. Close your eyes and really just trust for a few moments that you are supported. Know that holding on to asking, “Why?” will only drain your energy. Let it go and embrace your guidance.


All Is Well.


At the end of the day, no matter the upheaval, stress, or loss, all is well. You are not alone and everything happens with Divine timing. Know that you will get through this. Just repeat over and over: “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good.” And if you feel like you can’t embrace this message just yet, that’s okay. Start over with the “Just breathe” mantra and know that you are laying the foundation for more positive energy to take root in your life.

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