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Insight Timer: What it is and how it can improve your day

By March 5, 2019February 1st, 2024No Comments4 min read

Insight Timer, have you ever heard of it? If not, you’re missing out on a wonderful resource for learning to sharpen your meditation skills.

As the most popular free meditation app that connects more than four million meditators worldwide, Insight Timer can make meditation more effective for everyone from novices to more advanced practitioners. This app is designed for busy professionals, too. It makes daily meditation easier to maintain with guided meditations, ambient sounds, and timers.

It takes just a minute or two to create an account and start your meditation, but lest you have questions about it before signing up, here are some answers:

Who is Insight Timer for?

Everyone. Anyone and everyone can benefit from meditation, especially attorneys. Adopting a regular meditation practice is scientifically proven to assuage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Daily meditating can reduce stress and pain as well. Research on meditation has demonstrated that this practice is great for sharpening cognitive skills, improving memory, and increasing one’s control over their emotions.

For beginners, Insight Timer can be used to learn about the practice of meditation. While there are plenty of meditations directed for beginners, there are also lectures that explain the process and how you go about using meditation to change your mindset…and your life.

As you become more familiar with meditation and mindset work, you’ll begin to learn that there are different styles of meditation.  

Try out the different styles. As you may know from the Mind Over Law website and blog, our practice focuses on mindfulness—the practice of acknowledging thoughts and feelings, and learning to let them go to bring focus and clarity to the present moment.  

You don’t have to find just one style that works for you. As a meditation regimen progresses, people will often combine types of meditation depending on what they need. So perhaps what you need today is mindfulness, but tomorrow it might be practicing self-observation.  

The important thing with all forms of meditation is that you learn to be in the present moment.

Why is it good for Lawyers?

Practicing law presents unique rewards and challenges. Attorneys are typically overstressed and overworked. The nature of the profession comes with health risks, too. Statistically speaking, lawyers possess higher risks for developing depression and anxiety along with a reliance on substances like alcohol and drugs. It’s common knowledge that stress has far-reaching effects on a person’s health and quality of life, too.

Adopting a mediation practice is nothing to balk at. Law professors from prestigious institutions like Harvard University and Stanford University encourage their students to practice meditation as a way to combat stress and anxiety.

What are the key features of Insight Timer?

Insight Timer is unique because it integrates important elements of meditation into one app. After you download the app, you can set the timer to assist with your meditation for a certain amount of time, such as ten minutes or half an hour. You can also choose ambient sounds you like, including ocean waves, raindrops, and Tibetan chants. The app’s settings allow you to incorporate bells that mimic the sounds of eight types of singing bowls.

Beyond these features are over 14,000 guided meditations from a number of categories. The app is home to popular and experienced meditation teachers that create unique content to help you stay committed to your meditation practice.

Find Lexlee Overton of Mind Over Law on Insight Timer

Mind Over Law’s founder, Lexlee Overton puts up content on her Insight Timer page. Her channel features guided meditations to help attorneys begin their workdays and de-stress when needed.

You can also follow Lexlee Overton at Mind Over Law by subscribing to its official blog and joining the Mind Over Law Facebook community.

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