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4 ways to turn fear into empowerment

By March 3, 2017February 20th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Over the last few weeks, I’ve given you a glance into how fear doesn’t have to always be negative. In fact, fear can be a gift.

How can that be? How can fear feel like a good thing?

Let’s revisit the essential messages from the last few weeks:

  1. You have all the answers you need

Fear teaches us to listen.

Hearing the truth is all about being ready to receive the truth. Here’s how:

  1. Remember to Let Go Of Fear. It only blocks and distorts the answer. Take a breath, let it go.
  2. Remember to Be Grateful. Gratitude immediately shifts our energy to a vibration of receiving.
  3. Remember to Surrender & Trust— Unplug from it all—emails, to-do lists, phones, kids, spouse, boss. Be in a place to LISTEN.

Stop—Shift To Gratitude—Ask—Listen—Trust—Receive

2. Facing fear gives us courage.

In my career, fear was a daily feeling. Your fear is probably no different.

Left unattended or repressed, fear will emerge through our autonomic nervous system – causing fatigue and paralyzing our ability to think coherently.

We become afraid of our inner feelings because they hold such a massive amount of negativity that we fear we would be overwhelmed by it if we were to take a deeper look.

We can become imprisoned by our fear if we do not face it.

One of the most empowering practices I’ve found to releasing fear and really overcoming it – is to face it. To really feel it.

And once I did, I began to feel something else that was really amazing: the feeling of fear releasing me from its grips.

Fear is a powerful gift, if it is received.

  1. Fear can empower you

Here are some ways that you can use the power of your own fear to transform your life:

  • Be a Witness of Your Fear. To minimize the harmful effects of Fear on the body and mind, you have to first be aware of it.
  • Be aware and know your fear response. How does fear feel for you? Is it physical or emotional? What are those specific responses?
  • Release the Energetic Charge of Fear. Simply let the feeling be there and focus on letting out the energy behind it.  
  • Feel the Fear to Release The Fear. Let those feelings arise, feel them without backing down, and then breathe them out.


  1. Asking better questions creates less fear.

Want to be more successful in any area of your life?

Ask better questions.

Instead of asking…

  • Why did this happen to me?
  • Why does this always happen?
  • Why do I wake up every day tired and drained?
  • How can I just keep my head above water…getting by?
  • How come I can never lose weight or save money?


  • What do I love about my life right now?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What am I could I really be excited about right now?
  • What am I  really proud about accomplishing?
  • What do I really want to do with my life?

How does that feel?

These questions empower and inspire us to find and create our purpose, and our joy.

Own the powerful gifts of Fear,


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