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Trial Consulting
Awareness - Connection - Winning Presence

Are you ready to connect deeply with jurors, fine-tune your intuition, and command the courtroom?

Lexlee helps you communicate your REAL self in a way that deeply connects with the jury. Schedule a free strategy session with Lexlee (Click Here)

Winning Presence in a courtroom is about knowing how to authentically deliver a clear and concise message so that jurors accept, connect and believe it.

You’ve been here before…

You’ve done the preparation work.

You’ve read the deposition summaries and outlined your questioning.

But what are you missing?

Tapping into the story you want the judge or jury to connect with is all about first connecting with the unconscious energy within yourself.

Those fears of failing, not saying the right thing in the right way, or letting your client down can affect your performance, and sometimes, the outcome.

That’s why I developed this program: to help great trial attorneys be even greater, by clearing out negative, fear-driven energy and replacing it with the ability to powerfully connect with the judge or jury.

Mindset and Meditation for lawyers | mind over law

How it works:

The Mind Over Law Trial Preparation Method is like no other.

Each session is custom tailored to your specific case and needs, built around the 5 core principles of the Mind Over Law Trial Preparation Method:

Trial Strategy Mapping:

Develop the most effective trial strategy by tuning into strengths and weaknesses of story, witnesses and of your trial team members (whether one or more attorneys and support staff). Learn to trust yourself, your teammates, and how to most effectively support each other and work cohesively throughout every phase of trial. Team cohesiveness is critical to winning strategies.

Creating (and fine-tuning) Your Winning Story:

From crafting your voir dire to preparing witnesses for powerful testimony to compelling opening statements, I can help you connect to the energy of winning stories. Discover the story that helps the jury to authentically and deeply connect to your client and to you. Learn earn how to anchor the energy of the winning story in every phase of trial.

Authenticity – The Powerful Communication Strategy:

We emotionally connect with stories through verbal and nonverbal communication. Over 90% of communication is nonverbal. Facial expressions, gestures, and body movement all convey WHAT you are thinking and feeling. This is part of where working with me creates powerful transformations. I have an ability most people do not have. I can see what most can't see. I can see what is holding you back and blocking you from delivering a powerful message. I will teach you to see the energy of how to deliver your client's story with true power. This isn’t following a formula to craft a story you think the jury will get. This is about deep connection with yourself, your client and your jury. I’ll teach you how to harmonize nonverbal indicators while strengthening your verbal communication to powerfully connect with judge and jury.

Witness Preparation:

Working with witnesses to authentically to connect through testimony within the framework of the most effective theme for your case.

Mind- Body- Emotion Mastery:

Trials are mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. I teach you powerful breath and meditative techniques to keep your energy fine tuned and powerful. Step into the inner journey for mastery of mind, body and emotion to be focused and centered during every phase of trial. You will develop keen awareness giving you an intuitive edge, while helping you to know your “home zone” to maintain focus, clarity and deep connection during trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of team members per group for team building work?

Trial consulting can range from one attorney to a full team of attorneys and support staff, your clients and your witnesses. Your experience will be customized to benefit your most important objectives.

Can I create a group consulting experience with attorneys from other firms?

Yes! Often lawyers will team up to accomplish specific goals, like trying a particular case. I can customize a workshop based upon your needs. For attorneys who are coming together for a specific purpose, (like trying a case together), focus can be on creating connection and establishing roles for each attorney during trial.

Do you come to us or do we come to you?

Both options are available. Often, one on one coaching clients will choose to have a VIP day with me in Louisiana (yep, be ready for some awesome food in bayou country). This allows you to leave the office behind and truly tune into what you want to accomplish, whether that be creating a vision for your year or preparing for trial. I will also come to you and your team to work or we can even choose a remote location.

Can I choose to have you help with different parts of trial preparation?

Yes! All preparation begins with personal work. We will begin by  focusing completely upon preparing you mentally, emotionally and physically for trial.  We can discuss how to customize your preparation time to best suit you. We will customize your plan on a case by case basis for what you  need the most.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Lexlee:

You are unique and there is power in your uniqueness. Lexlee can help you deepen your awareness of your presence and how to deeply connect with jurors and command the courtroom.

(Click Here) Schedule a free session with Lexlee and discover how you can have Winning Presence in and out of the courtroom.
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