High Performance Coaching

As lawyers, we argue and fight for a living.

Each and every day, we are immersed into conflict and competition. We work long hours, live under constant demand to be on top, and our clients depend on us to be top notch.

There is no room for mistakes and the pressure of practice comes at a high price physically, mentally and emotionally.

In our field, stress and anxiety are considered a given. Burnout? Just part of the job.

But what if that weren’t really the case?

What if, just as we strive to be the best in other areas of our lives, we could focus on taking the best possible care of our minds and see greater success as a result?

Which is why I do the work that I do – helping lawyers learn how to use scientifically proven techniques to train their minds to release stress, anxiety, and fear; become power-performers; and love what they do all at the same time.

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Team/Executive Coaching

Learn to master the art of building a powerful team that is truly a tribe, committed to and invested in your practice.

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High Performance Coaching - Private 1 on 1 Coaching

The guidance you need to truly step into creating and stepping into the law practice and life you want. Work with Lexlee to find your inner peace, connect to your purpose, and amplifying your abundance.

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Custom Group Retreats + Workshops

From a mountain retreat with colleagues to an intensive 1-day team building workshop, Lexlee can work with you to create a customized experience that will enlighten, inspire, and elevate your team.

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What My Clients Say

When I was introduced to Lexlee, my life was chaotic; I was managing, but I wasn't living. I had not made time to enjoy the life I had built, honor myself with the gifts that come with personal success, or really even get to know myself at all. I was a very successful lawyer, a great friend and my own worst enemy.
In the short time I have worked with Lexlee, the changes have been phenomenal. I’ve made changes inside, where it counts the most. For the first time in my life I feel loved, I feel at home, and I feel deserving of good things.
Although most people cannot physically see the changes, those closest to me can feel them: the extra boisterous laugh, the twinkle of excitement in my eyes, the peacefulness I exhibit under extreme stress.
The daily mindset practice Lexlee taught me is so powerful, it is almost magical. I am creating into my reality the things I desire...meaningful cases, financial abundance, fulfillment in my work….all manifesting in so many ways.
My advice is if you felt like I did..overwhelmed and burned out being a lawyer….then don't waste another second to start learning what Lexlee has to offer!”

Jacqueline FordOklahoma Trial Lawyer

The practice of law can be draining, with long hours and endless deadlines. I found myself with underlying anxiety and constant “thinking” mind. After long days, I found myself exhausted. Working with Lexlee has helped me regain energy and focus. These methods are life-changing and have changed the way I feel in my practice and in life.

Christopher SubaLouisiana Trial Lawyer

My life has always get chaotic and deep down I felt I wasn't worth not having chaos. Lexlee has helped me learn to let go of the story of the past so I can accept the gifts of today and escape the pattern chaos and self -doubt to move towards peace, love and self -fulfillment. Her guidance has impacted my personal and professional relationships in positive and life changing ways that I cannot even begin to describe."

Rachel BussettOklahoma Trial Lawyer

The Mindset Mastery 6-Week Challenge is an exclusive community for high-achieving lawyers craving Less Stress, More Fulfillment and Abundance.

What you’re really looking for is right within your reach —easy, simple yet empowering solutions to use the power of your mind to create SUCCESS—less stress, meaning and purpose while creating abundance.

Are you done with struggling through each day with stress and anxiety and wrestling with doubt and fear about whether you can keep it all together?

You KNOW you are meant to have more in life but you’re spending so much time to just put out the hottest fire (like meeting the closest deadline, handling the most difficult client)—you don’t have time or energy to create what you really want to experience in practice of law and life.

The Mindset Mastery 6-Week Challenge is for you if:
  • You don’t spend meaningful time with family or friends because you don’t have the time or energy.
  • You have sleepless nights, often waking up and thinking about clients and cases.
  • You have difficulty concentrating or a constant sense of worry and anxiety.
  • You feel exhausted before you even get out of bed.
  • You do what others expect instead of doing what fulfills you.
  • You long for “something more.”

This program is designed specifically for the lawyer who desires to:

  • Create a mindset for power performance and to easily combat stress, worry, and anxiety. Tap into the power of increased productivity, focus, and clarity.
  • Learn to release fear and stop procrastination rooted in it. Develop your ‘Warrior’ mindset and tune into the power of courage to create big wins in your practice of law.
  • Instantly find solutions to your biggest challenges – from difficult clients to difficult cases – by training your brain for creative problem solving.
  • Create a mindset for financial success in the practice of law by releasing your subconscious locks financial abundance.
  • Discover the power to stop simply reacting to life and to begin designing it with vision instead.
You want clients, money, success, and more FREEDOM just as much as anybody else, but feeling ALIVE and FULFILLED in the practice of law just isn’t happening for you. Become a Mindset Mastery Group Coaching Member

I've been there. BIG TIME.

On the outside I had it all—a heavy trial practice with winning verdicts. But a few years into a successful practice, I found myself in an ER with chest pains that I feared were a heart attack. Thankfully, it turned out that it wasn’t my heart, but no matter the source of the pain – my body was telling me something.

I had not been living – I had been surviving. BARELY surviving, to be more accurate.

While I had been seeing success and fulfillment in my work’s outcomes, it stopped there. My personal life was a mess. I was divorced, a workaholic, seeking anxiety medicine just to cope with running a law office, and also trying to juggle all the responsibilities of being a single mom.

It was the wakeup call I needed to put me on a better path: A path for answers. A path for fulfillment. A path to a better life.

One of the simplest, yet most impactful, steps I took on that path was to begin a meditation practice.

The results? To put it simply: Everything changed.

Coach for lawyers lexlee overton

My stress levels began decreasing.I began to feel like I was the calm during any storm. I saw my life differently with the knowledge that my power and strength came from my mind and wasn’t dependent upon outside sources or stimuli.

And with those changes to my worldview came changes to my practice of law. It was more fulfilling. I was more present. I made a bigger impact – with both my clients and my staff.

As a result, my personal and financial happiness grew as well.

Seeing the power that I had harnessed from within myself from a meditation practice lit a fire in me to learn more.

I began to study human behavior learning practices from behavioral psychology to energy psychology, to latest research in neuroscience. My search expanded to learning the ancient wisdom of Energy Medicine  from masters around the globe. I searched for ways to tap into the power of my mind for top productivity, deeper intuition, and inner wisdom and to harness its creative power.

Through this search, I’ve learned an important lesson that I now work to help other overwhelmed and stressed out lawyers:

The key to success is within my mind and there are simple, yet POWERFUL, methods to harness it that each and every one of us can employ.

YOUR Mindset Mastery Membership Includes:

  • Mind Mapping – Exact (but customizable) action steps to decrease stress and increase focus and clarity and become wire your brain to manage mindset, emotions and behavior for success.
  • Weekly Mindset trainings to bring your energy and performance to the next level.
  • Private online community with other lawyers looking to leverage the power of their minds.
  • Weekly Powerful Meditation and Visualizations to shift stress to drive success by re-mapping your brain and emotions for optimal performance.
  • Mindset Mastery Resource Library with Mind Empowering Techniques created specifically for lawyers that help you to:
    -increase power of focus and clarity
    -overcome emotional and mental blocks to success
    -use the power of meditation to increase the power of your mind
    -discover practical tools to unleash powerful purpose
    -understand and revise your money story
    -learn the secret language of money – move from fear of money to mastery of money